The Best Way to Learn Chinese


Learning how to speak Chinese is all about practice. You need a good guide or program of lessons  to learn the theory and then as much exposure to the spoken and written language as possible to help improve your skills.

On this site we look at courses, character writing skills, grammar and language programs suitable for all skill levels, ranging from beginner, through intermediate, to advanced.

I was lucky and learned how to speak Chinese as a kid, but I never really learned how to read or write the Chinese character set – something I set out to do a couple of years’ ago. It’s not easy, but studying Chinese is an incredibly fulfilling challenge to conquer. It’s also very very useful in business and for your career in an international company – and, lastly but very obviously, if you travel extensively then a combination of theory and colloquial spoken Chinese skills will give you a very different experience of China or Hong Kong.

Learn How to Speak and Write Chinese

I’d recommend that you take a look at the Rocket series of Chinese study programs that will help you get started quickly and effectively. Alternatively, if you want to see how you get on with the language, look for a free online Chinese course: Check out this free course that will help you get your started learning Chinese for free

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